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Since 1975, The Complete Machine (TCM), and its various invocations, has offered IT/Facilities Consultation and Services to companies in need of System Design & Integration, Office Integration, Network & Internet Design, Implementation, & Administration, Network/Computer & Computer Room Security and Network/System Troubleshooting.

Specialized Services Offered

IT Facilities Review

One of the most understated areas of computer rooms and communications closets are Electrical & HVAC functions. Most often, these are left to the mercy of a basic contractor who does not understand the needs of IT. TCM can review your current facility environment to help alleviate trouble spots and shortages that can create system downtime.

Please see our Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) support below.

Access Control

Another understated area of computer rooms and facilities is Access Control. Often, these areas are left to the mercy of a contractor who does not understand the security needs of a company. TCM can review your facility and help alleviate trouble spots. Key/card access and complete Photo ID card systems available.

LAN/WAN Network Design, Implementation & Administration

With the grand variety of different types of computer network designs, such as LAN, WAN, WLAN, SAN, etc, TCM provides complete networking services from start to finish, thus allowing you to focus on what's important to you, like '...running your business.' Our experience and knowledge in the latest technologies, help you develop strategies to streamline your business processes. We can install all network components - cabling, routers, switches, servers and workstations, LAN, and Ethernet, and we are highly experienced in both commercial & residential wiring platforms.

Please see our Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) support below.

24/7 Network & Server monitoring, and EMERGENCY on-site response, available.

Network/System Troubleshooting

Problems arise in every IT system, even ones that are very well designed. TCM can perform troubleshooting of problems in your hardware, peripherals and communications devices.

Network Vulnerability & Assessment Testing & Review

Today's networks are constantly under risk from both external & internal sources. A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in an IT system. Vulnerability assessments can be conducted for small businesses to large regional infrastructures. TCM can analysis your network, internally & externally, and help you to chart a course for reducing the consequences and of improving the capacity to manage future incidents. The assessment is a sophisticated on-site analysis to determine your network's vulnerability to hackers, viruses and other security threats. The comprehensive analysis includes: External/internal security probe analyses, A list of any discovered security vulnerabilities, risks & implications, Recommended technical solutions outlining specific steps needed to secure your network and an Executive summary of findings for management.

Please see our Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) support below.

WiFi Environment Spectral Analysis & Review

WiFi networks share the spectrum with a multitude of interfering technologies, such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, analog video cameras, etc. These can create an abundance of problems for IT staff and other independent wireless carriers. TCM can record, map and analysis your current WiFi environment for security purposes or for maximizing WiFi placement. We can proactively identify, classify, and find sources of RF interferences that impact the performance of WiFi networks.

Commercial/Residential Hi-gain WiFi WAPs/Routers available and installed.
Commercial/Residential Wireless System (Audio/Visual) available and installed.

Cellphone Repeaters Installed

Cellphones, like WiFi networks, share the spectrum with a multitude of interfering technologies These can create an abundance of problems for cellphone users at home, in cars, and at work. TCM can record, map and analysis your current cellphone environment, and install a solution that maximizes your cellphone reception.

Personal/Commercial/Residential Cellphone Repeaters available and installed.

Data Recovery
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Electronic Systems Technician (EST)

EST services available. TCM can install, connect and calibrate products that carry voice, video, audio and data in office buildings, homes, and other structures. We specialize in telecommunications equipment such as business telephone systems and computer networks.

Additionally, TCM can review and follow your drawings, blueprints and construction specifications.


Computer/Network Slow? Crashes? Freezing? Lock-ups? Even not Booting at all?


Specialized Products Offered

EMP Protection
All Phases
EMP (E1, E2, & E3)

EMP Shield is the World’s first Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) protection technology for an entire home and vehicle tested to military and UL 1449 standards from ETL. Units are built to exceed military standards (MIL-STD-188-125-1, MIL-STD-464C, and MIL-STD-461G).

The EMP Shield is one of the World’s fastest whole home surge protectors operating in less than 1 billionth of a second. The devices have been military tested and proven to defend against the E1, E2, and E3 phases of an electromagnetic pulse, and they are designed to protect an entire home from lightning, solar flare (coronal mass ejection), power surges, and an electromagnetic pulse.

The technologies have been tested at Keystone Compliance, in accordance with all military standards.

For a $50 EMP Shield Discount per ordered unit, use Coupon Code TCMEMP.

Vantage Lighting System Programming

A 20-year legacy of innovation in the lighting control industry, Vantage offers a full range of luxury home solutions in the categories of lighting, entertainment, and comfort. Designed to seamlessly combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage systems give homeowners unprecedented control over every facet of their lives at home - from extraordinary lighting scenes to effortless comfort controls to thrilling home theater installations. TCM can evaluate and program/re-program your system to give you exactly what you want from the Vantage system.


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EMP Shield

EMP Shield is the World’s first EMP protection technology for an entire home and vehicle tested to military and UL 1449 standards from ETL.

Please use Coupon Code TCMEMP, so EMP Shield knows where you found them.

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